There is high anticipation for this year's Jesus Girl Summit!  World Impact: "Born to Make a Difference.” While “beyond incredible, awesome and amazingly indescribable" are some of the words that have been used to describe the experience at the Summit, I just can't help but believe that this one will far surpass the rest!

It is my firm belief that totally surrendering to God and His perfect plan is the path to a purposed lived life that overflows and inevitably impacts the world around us making a mark and leaving a timeless message of hope! Yes, you were born to make a difference!

The inspiration, empowerment and experience at the summit is limitless!  I'm looking forward to the “aha” moments, supernatural downloads, lots of laughter, and crying too as they all seem to somehow fit in the dynamics of the Summit. As you can tell, it’s one big experience in the presence of our Super Amazing Jesus! An experience you can take back home and impact everywhere you go! Register ASAP, for seating is limited and I sure would love to see you there!

Medina Pullings Ministries

PO Box 8809, Richmond, VA 23225