Pastor Daniel J. Parker is the co-founder and visionary of Kingdom Life Ministries church in Grand Rapids, MI.  He is a gifted and innovative preacher of God’s Word. He preaches a powerful message for this end-time generation.  Flowing under a strong apostolic anointing, Pastor Daniel is a trailblazer and advocate for Kingdom advancement. 

His message is uniquely expressive and touches the hearts of adults and the youth. Pastor Daniel strongly believes that "your past does not dictate your future!" After years of working under Dr. Morris Cerullo, a world renowned evangelist, Pastor Daniel received a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit. He believes that God is still a God of signs, wonders and miracles! Many have experienced healings and deliverance under the power of God through his ministry. 

Pastor Daniel believes that the power of God is available for the body of Christ and that the whole counsel of God must be preached.  He is a powerful man of God with a vision to see lives saved, healed and delivered. 

Currently, Pastor Daniel and KLM are under the covering of Pastor Mark Hatcher of Holy Ghost Headquarters located in Philadelphia, PA.
A technologist by trade, he holds a Master’s Degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in the area of Ministerial Leadership. Pastor Daniel is married to his beautiful wife, Lady Valarie, and they are blessed with four precious children.


Grand Rapids, MI

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