Special Musical Guest

Jesse Stevenson is one that is without a doubt anointed by God to lead his people into his manifested presence. Unlike many, Jesse is a very gifted, highly anointed, multi talented man of God who has been called and chosen by God to prophetically play instruments, melodically sing, and strategically deliver the preached word of God. Jesse is a Pastor, husband, father, teacher, songwriter, producer and so much more. It has been said by many that he is envied with a Godly jealousy because of his ability to fluently play just as good as he can sing, just as good as he can preach. He has a passion for seeing and bringing out the personal and spiritual authenticities of those that he encounters.


Jesse releases a fresh and pure sound of worship in the earth that influences and compels men and women of all ages, races, and colors to return to a place of prostration both physically and spiritually. The pure sound of worship that flows from his spirit causes the body of Christ to turn their hearts back to God which was the purpose for which we were worship the living God. The sound of travail through worship that flows from his inner man penetrates the realm of the spirit which brings about life changing results in the life of the believer. He writes songs of truth that releases a liberty to those who experience his anointed and powerful life changing ministry.


Father of two Jayla Zaria and Jesse II and he is married to Lakeishia Stevenson and they reside in Nanuet, NY.

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